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Mill Powder Tech Ginger Handling Line Delivers FDA Approval Ginger Powder

Ginger Washing and Cutting. Turbo Mill - Total Turnkey Project Design for 70 Years

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Mill Powder Tech Ginger Handling Line Delivers FDA Approval Ginger Powder

After a year of testing and trials, a completed ginger powder processing line was built by Mill Powder Tech, based in Taiwan, for a company named Wakaya Perfection Ltd. The powder handling processing equipment was designed with 150kg per hour production capacity, FDA approval, 1/3 energy-saving, and the ginger was ground profoundly to meet the required standards.

Client's requirements for processed ginger powder

ginger powder

Ginger and ginger powder

Organic pink Fijian ginger only grows on Wakaya Island in Fiji, its unique character has allowed Wakaya Perfection to sell the ginger powder to high-end consumers in the U.S. The quality of ginger powder has to be top rated, which means no change of color or odor, and its fineness has to be delicate. Ginger powder is used in beverage or capsule form, thus the process requires food-grade standards. The processed powder will be tested for FDA approval. Also, because of the shortage of resources on the island, water and energy conservation should be considered.

Mill Powder Tech Turn-Key solutions - One-Stop ginger powder handling line

The turn-key ginger powder production line includes ginger washing machine, ginger cutting machine, drying machine, hammer mill and turbo mill.

When the ginger is put in the ginger washing machine, all the ginger is tumbled and rinsed back and forth with 9 nylon brushes to remove the dirt and peel off the skin without using a great amount of water. Next, the washed ginger is put into a feeding hoper for slicing. The ginger cutting machine comes with different sets of knives that cut ginger into pieces. When the fiber in the ginger is trimmed, it enhances the quality of the ginger powder. Moreover, the slicing process reduces the time for drying, which saves electricity and money.

  • ginger slice
  • ginger slice and ginger powder

the slicing process reduces the time for drying ginger

Once the ginger is done cutting, it is delivered to the oven for the drying process. The two-door drying machine has the capacity to handle up to 40 trays of ginger. It has multiple blades to carry out hot air and the hot air can be re-used, which is energy-saving. As you can see from the video, even the bottom layer of ginger is dried entirely.

In the end, the dried ginger is put on the conveyor belt, separately in piles, and delivered to a hammer mill for 1st time grinding and then a turbo mill for finer powder grinding process.

No more looking around, leave it to the powder handling equipment expert – Mill Powder Tech

Rather than sourcing from different manufacturers for various machines, Wakaya Perfection had Mill Powder Tech to design and supply the entire production line. In the end, the processed powder was sent to the U.S. and received FDA approval, and its reasonable production costs positively benefited Wakaya Perfection's business.

Mill Powder Tech's powder handling equipment experience helps you to build an unbeatable one - better grinding. finer powder

Ginger washing machine WM-1

Ginger washing machine WM-1

Ginger washing machine - WM-1

The advantage of the ginger washing machine is its 9 nylon brushes and controllable back and forth rotating function. The patented designed allowed all ginger to roll out automatically without extra labor. It is also designed to use the minimum amount of water to get the job done. In Fiji, the source of water is rain; therefore, the ginger washing machine's water is drained and reused.

Important steps to grind beautiful ginger powder – ginger cutting machine SM-2

Cutting is an important procedure before drying. If ginger is not sliced to the right thickness, it can lead to different colors of powder. Mill Powder Tech's cutting machine, SM-2, is adjustable to slice ginger in various thicknesses. The thinner a ginger slice gets, the shorter the fiber is, and the easier it is to dry. It comes with three sets of knives including 2-8mm, 3-8mm, and 8-20mm. The size of the cutting machine is 750*520*900 mm, weight 70kg, horse power: 1HP *1, 0.5HP *1 and its production capacity is 300-1000kg/ hr.

Ginger Cutting Machine SM-2

Ginger Cutting Machine SM-2

Ginger Drying Machine – DM480

Ginger Drying Machine – DM480

Ginger drying machine – DM-480

The quality of ginger powder is related to the dryness of sliced ginger. Too wet, the color of ginger powder won't be even, it is harder to grind, and the smell is not as fresh. The ginger drying equipment, DM-480, is a two-door dryer that is designed to blow dry in different directions with controllable temperature between 20°C to 160°C. It has an auto-stop function when it reaches expected temperature; it is energy-saving and has capacity of up to 40 plates of gingers.

Hammer mill (HM5)

Before turning dried ginger into ginger powder, the hammer mill is equipped for the 1st stage crushing. The hammer mill's dimensions are 900*540*900 L*W*H mm, rotating speed is up to 3200 RPM with 80-200 kg/hr production capacity.

Ginger's total powder handling solutions – Turbo Mill TM400

Ginger has fibers. Having a cup of ginger tea with fibers in it would change the texture of tea. To fix it, fiber has to be cut into shorter strands. Turbo mill, TM400, consists of a 4-blade shearing knife that would cut the fiber into smaller pieces in a few seconds. In addition, because of the short fiber, it's easier to grind, thus, less heat is generated.

Powder handling equipments - Hammer mill HM-5 and Turbo mill TM-400

Powder handling equipments : Hammer mill HM-5 and Turbo mill TM-400


The powder handling processing line can also be used for various products, ranging from cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, white pepper, herbs, bio tech, dried vegetable, fruit, etc.


Powder handling equipment

Type TM-400
Internal diameter of mill 400mm 16"
Rotation speed 2500~4500rpm
Power requirement 30~50HP
Vol. of exhaust air 10~20m/min. 360~720cu.ft
Capacity ratio 1

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