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Innovative Turbo Mill Creates New Market for a Japanese Company; Mill Powder Tech

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Japanese Company Finds Powder Turbo Mill Expert in Taiwan

Mill Powder Tech - Innovative Turbo Mill Creates New Market for a Japanese Company

recycling paper handled by a turbo mill

Recycling paper handled by a turbo mill

In Japan, people's green environmental expectations and the trend of using recycled material to create dynamic product is common. Paper recycling is one of the most common types of recycling. In order to use recycled paper as a housing construction material, a Japanese company, HRD, purchased Mill Powder Tech (MPT)'s turbo mill to establish quality paper powder for their plant in the Philippines.

MPT is a powder mill supplier with over 70 years of experience. When HRD handed them a paper powder sample, MPT sent them a design sketch of a customized turbo mill that is specifically designed for the purpose. HRD uses three different types of papers including poster paper, carton and A4 paper. Thus, paper powder's character is required to be elastic and sticky with cushion and with cotton's look and feel. To meet HRD's requirements, instead of using the traditional paper pulp method, MPT designed a turbo mill that uses multiple blades to generate high speed vortexes and vibrations. The powder handling processing equipment turnkey project contains the turbo mill, blender and mixer, separation treatment equipment, etc.

recycled paper

"It was a concept and MPT made it happen." said Tony Ling, the sales manager of MPT. MPT designed a powder handling and processing equipment turnkey system that is cost-saving and in the end created the most valuable paper powder to benefit their customer's business. "Because of our turbo mill, HRD's paper powder has become their best-selling housing construction material, a material that is anti-humidity, non-flammable and earthquake-proof, which is perfect for Japanese houses."

Because of MPT's turbo mill, paper powder has become HRD's best-selling housing construction material which is anti-humidity, non-flammable and earthquake-proof.

The paper powder is made of recycled paper after using a mixture of chemicals. To form an elastic character, the size of each particle matters. Too small or too big can fail to meet the standard. "Our turbo mill is designed not only to fabricate fine quality of paper powder, but also has high production capability," said Mr. Ling.

Japan is one of the high-tech countries that is famous for delivering high quality powder processing equipment. While other nations are imitating their technology and trying to catch up, Taiwan's seasoned equipment building experience, turnkey project implementation ability and reasonable price is attracting them over to seek material handling machinery solutions.

In response to MPT's extraordinary powder handling processing equipment, HRD procured another set of powder handling and processing equipment two years later with a larger capacity.

HRD is a Japanese company that is specialized in making construction materials, including the filling between woods. For years they have been buying filling from other countries, however, the costly price forced them to seek alternatives.

MPT has ground hundreds of materials, using grinding, turbulence and cutting methods, and their powder processing equipment is sold worldwide to over 70 countries.

Paper Recycling Turnkey Grinding System consists of a hammer mill, metal remover, turbo mill, U type screw conveyor (scrapers), explosion outlet, cyclone separator, rotary valve, level switch, cooling water inlet and explosion outlet.

paper recycling turnkey grinding system paper recycling turnkey grinding system blue print

Paper recycling turnkey grinding system

metal remover
Metal remover

6000 gauss magnetic separator is ideal for paper recycling; It removes metal particles from recycled papers. Recycling paper goes through a metal remover before going into a turbo to prevent damage turbo mill, it is also equipped after hammer mill.

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