• IKM-310 system
  • IKM-750HM

ACI Limited and Square Group impact mill reliable supplier – MPT from Taiwan

Impact knife mill - spice temperature is controlled, color is sustained, productivity is increased

Quality impact mill turnkey system from an expert

ACI Limited and Square Group's purchase from a reputable supplier in Taiwan - MPT

Mill Powder Tech (MPT) broke through difficulties in developing an impact knife mill that would solve spice and herb's grinding dilemmas. Due to various factors (environmental, equipment, human operation), spice and herb powder handling processing equipment can result in low quality powders. With MPT's innovative design, spice's temperature is controlled, color is sustained, productivity is increased and the price is reasonable.

Impact knife mill is great for small and medium enterprises who wish to deliver high performance ground herbs, roots and spices. It is also cost-saving, with high production capacity and easy maintenance. Impact Knife Mill (IKM-310)

For some herbs, their roots and seeds can make the grinding process tricky, in the end, the odor can be lost, the color can be faded and the root can be very difficult to cut. They can wear the powder equipment out and the whole powder handling process becomes costly and inefficient.

  • Temperature controlling is the biggest concern for powder handling process. When the temperature gets too high, the oils and odor are released and the color becomes faded. Impact knife mill is equipped with high pressured and high speed suction. As soon as the herb is ground, powders are inhaled immediately; the fast processing leaves no time for powder to change its character.
    Spice and herb's elasticity character:
  • Some spices, roots and herbs can wear the grinding machine out when they are hard to cut. When grinding particle is hard to handle, it becomes a wasteful, inefficient and costly grinding process. The blade of MPT's impact knife mill is particularly designed to cut everything! It cuts spices with shells, oily herbs, elastic plants, seeds, etc.
  • Normally liquid nitrogen temperature control system is equipped with a powder mill. With MPT's impact mill, no pricy low temperature controlling system is needed.
Spices grinding system: IKM-310 system (15HP)
IKM-310 system
IKM-310 layout

Impact knife mill for red pepper : IKM-310

Because impact knife mill's reasonable price, for powder suppliers who wish to sell great selections of species, it is affordable to buy several impact knife mills at once. It does not only save your time for cleaning and switching equipment, also avoids the chance of contamination.

In Bangladesh, ACI Limited and Square Group are both leading companies in pharmaceutical, food, construction, daily product industries. Their procurement of MPT's spice grinding systems proved their #1 selection of powder mill supplier.

The subsidiaries, ACI Foods Limited, is selling pure spices, including chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder and cumin powder. SQUARE Herbal & Nutraceuticals Ltd. has attained the core confidence of health care providers with the highest quality herbal products of purely eastern and western origin, as well as meeting ever expected efficacy and safety based on international standards.

A good grinding processing equipment should be able to retain the odor of spice in its own place, leaking smell shows failure of the process.

"Good grinding processing equipment should be able to retain the odor of spice in its own place, leaking smell shows failure of the process. Our more than 70 years of powder mill experience has allowed us to develop outstanding blades to handle any kind of materials.", Tony Ling, a sales manager of MPT claimed.

Chilli powder turkey system: IKM-750 system (75HP)
IKM-750 system
IKM-750 system

Impact knife mill turnkey system for chilli powder: IKM-750

  • Chilli, black pepper, white pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, clove, star anise, curry powder, food grains, foodstuff etc.

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