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Turbo Mill That Handles Large Amounts, Hard to Cut Materials - Mill Powder Tech's Powder Handling Equipment Line Sold to Italy

Mill Powder Tech – Turbo Mill Grinds Exceed Your Expectations

Agar-agar. seaweed. plastic. sugar. pigment. toner turnkey project and powder handling equipment supply

Turbo mill that handles large amounts, hard to cut materials – mill powder tech's powder processing line Sold to Italy

Tuebo mill TM600

Turbo mill TM-600

By lowering the temperature in the spiral chamber and allowing particle's self-impact, and by using four blades' grinding enforcement, Mill Powder Tech's screen-less turbo mill, TM-600, was made to grind 5mm particles of processed seaweed powder into 100 mesh per second, along with 80-100kg per hour production in order to meet a client's expectations.

Italian client's needs

Located in Italy, the client was one of the few seaweed powder providers mainly supplying Agar-agar and carrageen (also called Carrageenan) to food and pharmaceutical companies. And their newly developed products required finer powders. Knowing Mill Powder Tech has over 70 years of powder mill experience, at a tradeshow, the client challenged them to process their agar-agar, the hardest seaweed to process.

Agar-Agar - difficult to handle material



Due to agar-agar's elastic and dense textures, it is difficult to grind. With the regular turbo mill, the temperature rises once it starts cutting. Furthermore, dry agar-agar is very tough and elastic. Therefore, instead of ordering a whole powder processing line, the client only requested the turbo mill in order to test out Mill Powder Tech's capability.

Turbo mill total solutions – screen-less & vacuum suction

Overall, heat elimination is important. Mill Powder Tech's Turbo Mill is screen-less, operated with cold water recycling system to cool down the grinding temperature in chamber. Screw transportation was replaced with vacuum suction to eliminate agar-agar's cluster.

Mill powder tech advanced powder mill technology

For the last 35 years, TPM has been dedicated to developing turbo mills that would produce smaller particles without changing material textures or odors. Today, Mill Powder Tech provides five series of turbo mills, ranging from TM-250 to TM-1000; rotation speed from 1,200 to 8,000 (r.m.p), horse power from 15HP to 150HP and particle size in a range of about +18 to −325 mesh.

Agar-agar and agar-agar powder

Agar-agar and agar-agar powder

Feather of turbo mill

After breaking up the granules into smaller particles, ones that are too big will be selected through a vibratory sifter and sent back to the grinding chamber again to re-grind with the raw material.

- Vacuum Suction & High-Speed Vortex Flow

Regular spiral suction causes agar-agar to stuik together, thus, vacuum suction was designed to prevent it.

- No Internal Screen

Heat can change the texture of any particle that is dense and glutinous, also; the material generates heat if grinding requires more power. To avoid heat, the turbo mill was designed without screen to assure wind's smooth flow. As a result, the cooling system successfully reduced the heat, and a fine and white powder was created.

- Multiple Blade Selection

There are five series (TM250, TM400, TM600, TM800, TM1000 ) of turbo mills which each contain a number of blades. When particles are put in the feeder, besides their self-crushing, shearing and grinding are also conducted in a few seconds to meet specific size expectations.

- Easy to Clean

Turbo mill is designed for easy cleaning, at the same time, there's no dust leak out during the process.

- Easy Inspection and Maintenance

Agar-agar's grinding system can be opened on the top of machine, which allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

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  • Turbo Mill TM-600

Turbo Mill TM-600

Turbo mill applications

Along with agar-agar and carrageenan, materials that easily generate heat can also be pulverized by Mill Powder Tech's powder grinding machine, including plastic, sugar, pigment, toner, leather, asbestos, etc.

In the end, Mill Powder Tech's client was able to deliver high quality processed seaweed powder to their pharmaceutical company clients, and decided to buy the whole powder handling processing line and subsequently to make further orders later on.

Internal diameter of mill600mm24"
Rotation speed1750~3000rpm
Power requirement60~75HP
Vol. of exhaust air15~30m/min.540~1080cu.ft
Capacity ratio1

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