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Rice Powder Handling Processing Equipment in Canada

MPT – Dry Rice Powder Turbo Mill Supplier

Chinese And Vietnamese Noodles, Turnip Cakes, Bread, Rice Pancakes

Mill Powder Tech - turbo mill brings successful business with high quality rice powder

In Toronto, there are people who line up waiting outside to buy rice powder for making rice related products for their businesses. Like some businessmen, Mr. Wang started small by selling ground raw rice in a residential building using grinding equipment he bought from a Taiwanese powder handling processing machine supplier, Mill Powder Tech (MPT). MPT is a powder handling equipment builder with more than 70 years of experience and their powder processing machine is sold worldwide.

rice and rice powder

Rice powder

The business went extremely well, sometimes there are people waiting outside for 24 hours just to buy batches of rice powder. Two years later, the owner moved to an industrial district and purchased bigger powder processing equipment to cope with the large demand.

In two years, Mr. Wang has upgraded his turbo mill from TM 400 to TM 600, plus the later procurement of a pin mill. MPT always aims to provide environmentally friendly machinery and equipment to various fields of industry, thus, rather than using the traditional method to produce rice powder, which involves washing and soaking the rice, draining it, laying it out and then grinding it, turbo mill TM 400 and 600 are designed to eliminate the water handling process. At the beginning, the owner was concerned about the generated heat during grinding, since it may affect the texture of rice noodles made with the powder. In the end, the result showed that MPT's machine performs well. Without water handling processing, the grinding process is cost-saving and more efficient.

tirbo mill

Turbo Mill TM-600

For rice powder buyers, their fondness for Mr. Wang's rice powder is because of its high quality. They are able to use the powder to make chewy rice noodles with great taste, as well as Chinese and Vietnamese noodles, turnip cakes, bread, rice pancakes, or any foods that require gluten-free. Overall, Mr. Wang is thrilled with MPT's powder handling processing equipment and is willing to invest more to expand his business in the future.

    Specification of Turbo Mill TM-400 & TM-600
Model no.Inner da
(mm.) ; (inch)
speed (RPM)Power (HP)Exhaust Air
(m/min.) ; (inch³)
TM-400400 ; 16"2500~450040~5010~20 ; 360~7201
TM-600600 ; 24"1750~300060~7515~30 ; 540~10802
* Capacity: according to different characteristic of materials, the data would be changed.
OatRed beanPEAdditiveCarbon blackDirtKaoliang stalk
SaltCarrageenASDyestuffCopper oxideReedFoamed wastes
PeaBlack beanPUPigmentCalcium oxidePaperApplied material
RiceWheat branOreGypsumTitanium oxideBagasseWaste of shoes
CornKonjac JellyABSGraphiteTalcum powderPC boardWaste of plastic
MSGPearl barleyTPEFertilizerStibium dioxideTree barkWaste of rubber
SugarFish powderPVCAsbestosPowder coatingRice stalkWaste of leather
WheatHealthy foodTRPStabilizerAluminium oxideRice huskWaste of sponge
GingerBlue-green algeaEVACatalyzerTitanium dioxideCorn stalkDisposable wares
SpicesGelatin & begetable gumCoalDiatomiteActivated carbonPalm husk 
Peper UreaPesticidesAmmonium nitrateBean shell 
Kaoliang FiberIron oxideManganese dioxideGlass fiber 
Soybean ResinZinc oxide Wood scrap 
Rice bran MetalCobalt oxide Circuit board 
Agar agar GlassZinc stearate Coconut shell 
Rice grinding turnkey system
rice grinding turnkey system

Rice grinding turnkey system

Impact classifier mill for a sugar company

sugar powder

Sugar powder

In Canada, Mill Powder Tech (MPT)'s impact classifier mill is sold to Confiseries which is a sugar company that is specialized in providing sugar products. They purchased ICM-750 powder processing equipment turnkey system in Nov, 2012 for making maple sugar powder, which is a famous sugar made from Canada's maple trees. They requested 300-400 kg per hour of production capability and 300 mesh of powder fineness. MPT was able to meet their requirements with great performance.

ICM-750 chemical foodstuff materials grinding system

Chemical foodstuff materials grinding system

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