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  • Mill Powder Tech, MPT

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Powder Processing – Turbo Mill, Pin Mill, Mixer, Air Classifier

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Powder handling equipment. Turnkey project manufacturer - MPT

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Mill Powder Tech (MPT), based in Tainan, Taiwan, was founded over 70 years ago and specializes supplying industrial powder handling process equipment. Today, with 12 agents and 30 distributors located globally, MPT has sold their grinding equipment to over 70 countries. As a prominent size reduction solutions provider, more than 40 types of machines are ready to serve you with solid technology.

MPT started providing animal feeding-stuff and food size reduction equipment in 1940. In 1975, MPT developed the 1st turbo mill prototype after years of collected experience, in 2004, MPT expanded their market worldwide with outstanding patented powder processing equipment and turnkey project design targeting in material grinding, mixing and crushing.

To compete with the powder processing equipment from Europe and Japan, MPT designs GMP and CE certified powder processing equipment in a cost-effective manner. In addition, they also deliver environmentally friendly designs to meet market trends.

MPT's powder grinding machine meets 80% customers' requests, and to fulfill the needs of other clients who wish to grind what normal equipment can't, MPT is going one step further, delivering custom-made and smart turnkey projects.

Our blades are unique; they cut what other machines can't!

"Our goal is to design powder handling equipment that is flexible, integrated, cost-effective and productive; in the end, their business is profitable based on over 70 years of seasoned engineering experience." said the Sales Manager of Mill Powder Tech.

The history of Mill Powder Tech
1940Where the company was "Kwang-Li-Cheng Co., Ltd." originated in Tainan, Taiwan and gained favorable reputation throughout the country.
1975Developing the first prototype of Turbo Mill. Marketing machinery to Southern-east Asia. Hong Kong and Mainland China and achieved excellent sales record.
1993The company formulated new CI and reformed into "Ling-Kwang Industrial Co., Ltd.", where developing advanced products, introducing international quality control institution and creating service lines for all products.
1999Expanded selling domain - Japan, Europe, America and Middle East markets, and cooperated with many agents in many countries.
2004Due to success in Taiwan for many years, we start preparing for expanding our business to globalization. The new name and logo which can represent our spirit was born. It's named "Mill Powder Tech Solutions"
2006 Awarding CE Certificate issued by TUV RHEINLAND Product Safety GmbH.
Investing brand new production factory to meet continuous customer needs.
2008 ISO 9001-9002 certificated.
Moving into the new factory on May 1st, where dedicating our 60 years experiences to customers with greatest technical service, expertise and experience.
2009The new concept of marketing strategy is to advertise the brand image, as increasing the global recognition of Mill Powder Tech Solution.
2012 A global brand, Taiwan's finest "Mill Powder Tech" has exported machinery to more than 70 countries, with 12 agents and 30 distributors worldwide.
The company possesses capability for highly customized powder processing equipment, as well as focusing on research and technical innovation, sustainable management and growing steadily.
MPT's global sales network

The global sales network of MPT (Mill Powder Tech)

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