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MPT Carrageen Powder Processing Equipment in Spain

Meeting CE, GMP Criteria Turbo Mill

High Production Capacity. Reasonable Price Powder Mill

CE certified carrageen powder handling equipment from Taiwan

carrageen powder

Carrageen powder

Compared to the powder-handling equipment in Taiwan, the machines in Japan and Europe are 3-5 times more expensive. In order to stay competitive, there are more and more buyers seeking powder processing machines with reasonable prices elsewhere. Mill Powder Tech (MPT) is a Taiwanese powder processing equipment supplier that has sold their grinding machines to more than 70 countries and ground hundreds of materials with prominence. Even in Europe, MPT is able to meet the strict requirements, for instance meeting CE criteria and design high quality powder machines.

In Spain, there's a well-known carrageen supplier that needed to buy powder machines to integrate with the ones in the plant due to the increasing sales. To find a qualified supplier, a series of evaluations were conducted. Because MPT's successful turbo mill stories in Asia, they contacted them. The company perceived the contrast between the carrageen powders made by MPT and others, as well as the productivity and machine performance. In the end, MPT won the order with outstanding achievements. The company ended up purchasing two sets of powder processing equipment systems with four turbo mills.

The powder system integration was a challenge but it went well. For a turbo mill, regardless its powder fineness (200 mesh) and productivity (130kg per hour), the outstanding achievements have surpassed other European competitors. Plus, the easy to operate and acceptable price is also advantageous and allowed the company to be more ambitious. Each powder handling line contains a vacuum suction, screw conveyor, vibro separator & filter, rotary valve, cyclone separator, explosion relief valve and rotary valve. Two turbo mills are the major machines among the whole project. MPT's turbo mill is a powder grinding machine that has been developed and modified for decades based on users' experience. Today, MPT's turbo mill can grind any kinds of material, and it's the only one in many regions that is capable of doing so.

carrageen powder handling equipment turnkey project system
carrageen powder handling equipment turnkey project system

Carrageen powder handling equipment turnkey project system

A reliable and efficient powder handling processing equipment

Nice Group is a famous enterprise in Taiwan and owns 3 listed companies. It is one of the top 100 enterprise groups in Taiwan with a business scope covering household chemicals, food, logistics and leisure-related areas.

AGV Products Corp is one of the subsidiaries of Nice Group in Taiwan. They have been specialized in producing healthy foods and drinks for years. Due to people's increasing awareness of having good eating habits, AGV Products Corp is able to provide dynamic options of foods and beverages and become a leading company in Taiwan. MPT's turbo mill plays an important role providing reliable and efficient powder handling processing equipment to assist them to reach their production goals.

Powder processing equipment turnkey project system

Powder processing equipment turnkey project system

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