• CM-400
  • cyclone mill grinding system

New! Micron Cyclone Mill Grinding System

Cyclone Mill - No Contamination. High Speed

Tea Leaf Processing Methods For Most Common Types Of Tea

Patented. cyclone mill grinding system. cyclone mill designed by Mill Powder Tech

cyclone mill cm-400

The latest breakthrough to the conventional Pulverizer, and the best choice for micron grade grinding.

The grinding method of conventional grinders utilizes collision, cutting, and friction to accomplish the goal of powder refinement, typically such method produces from impact surface that contaminates the out-put material. When required particle fineness is in high micron, the contamination becomes worse. On the other hand, a capable JET MILL delivers refined powder without contamination, however it presents the problem of high energy consumption and inefficiency out-put performance. Thus, Mill Powder Techs combined the advantages of the two grinding methods, without the problematic impurity issues, and creates Cyclone Mill.

Scope of applications
green tea

Green tea powder

  • Green tea, black tea, sencha, barley tea, eucommia tea, refined rice, black bean, barley, dried shiitake, chitin, fish cartilage, Chinese herbal medicines, ganoderma lucidum, pearl, grains, burdock, mustard, clove, fennel, coriander, ginger, noni fruit, garlic, cinnamon, nutmeg, wild pepper, and so on.
    Industrial application materials:
  • Calcium carbonate, silicon carbide, bamboo charcoal, black lead, bincho charcoal, coal, hydrated lime, iron oxide, coke, tourmaline, magnesium hydroxide, etc., as well as electronic materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, and cosmetic ingredients.
Grinding principle instruction
Speed distribution diagram

Speed distribution diagram

    Structure and grinding principle
  • Combing effects of three grinding principles:
    The mechanical grinding of fan blades, the air-flux collision effects between particles, and centrifugal force grading that makes CYCLONE MILL a new industrial innovation.
    1. At first stage, the primary blade crush larger pieces of material mechanically; crushed particles then move towards a second blade to be pulverized again.
    2. During second stage, coarse powder carried by the high-speed air-flux circulating the first and second blades among particle body. Therefore, greatly reduced the friction created by particles hitting the blades. A large amount of air flow intake-exhaust exchange also reduced the particle temperature within the grinding process.
    3. Finally, by utilizing centrifugal force which equals the square ratio of rotational speed in the secondary blade, the air speed differential crates airflow grading. After ultrafine particles are being separated, powder then extracted by the negative pressure from the blower fan into storage bin.
Pressure distribution diagram

Pressure distribution diagram

    Six major features:
  1. CM pulverizer design that permits airflow grading capability; precision particle size distribution.
  2. Metallic debris from contact surface wear and foreign objects contamination are being limited by CM's innovated mechanically design.
  3. Open lid design of the grinding chamber makes maintenance easy.
  4. Applicable in both hard and soft materials.
  5. Grinding process reduces heat generation; materials do not degrade easily.
  6. High performance stats and minimal operation cost.
Host machine horsepower (HP)7 1/2 ~ 1025 ~ 3050 ~ 75
Host machine rotational speed (RPM)6500 ~5000 ~3500 ~
Fan motor horsepower5 ~ 7 1/210 ~ 1530 ~ 40
Grinding grade (um)5 ~ 1505 ~ 1505 ~ 150
Handibg capacity (kg/hr)5 ~ 2010 ~ 100100 ~ 400
Host machine weight (kg)2208201600
Host machine dimensions (mm.)900*900*8001560*1400*13502200*1900*1600
* "out-out capacity" and "final particle fineness" may vary depending on the properties od materials.
cyclone mill grinding system cm-400s cyclone mill grinding system, CM-400s complete production set

Cyclone mill grinding system

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