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  • impact classifier mill with standard powder processing equipment

MPT Engineered Impact Classifier Mill For A Baking Powder Company In Japan

Size Reduction And Air Classification To Meet Your Find Grinding Goals

Air Classifier Custom-Made . Turnkey System Design

Patented industrial impact air classifying mill from Taiwan – dry powder handling equipment built to meet your needs

SFC is a Japanese baking powder company that delivers a large amount of powder every day. Mill Powder Tech (MPT) is a Taiwanese powder machine manufacturer with more than 70 years of powder handling experience. Knowing MPT from a trade show, SFC visited MPT with specific requirements. SFC required a custom-made impact classifier mill, a requirement which allowed MPT to increase their impact classifier mill's production capability - 600kg per hour production capacity and 1,000-5,000 mesh.

For general screen-less air classifying mill, after raw material is ground into fine powder in the grinding chamber, powders are classified in order to meet particular parameters. Each blade is designed with various angles to create dynamic fluent current to capture the finest powder.

The Japanese client re-designed MPT's impact classifier mill by placing blades on the stator which allows the powder to blow up and increases production amount.

"With the Japanese client's new design, baking soda's productivity is increased. Because of their new design, we've developed a new type of air classifier mill with better performance." said Tony Ling, a sales manager of MPT.

ICM inside classifier and inside grinding chamber

ICM inside classifier and inside grinding chamber

ICM feeding hopper

ICM feeding hopper

    S-ICM (s type impact classifier mill ) and ICM (screen less impact classifier mill ) variations:
  • S-ICM has a grinding chamber and a main shaft; ICM has a grinding chamber, a main shaft and wind classifier;
  • Compared to mill size, S-ICM is smaller, ICM is taller;
  • S-ICM uses wind classifier to blow and select the powder based on the fineness; ICM delivers the materials from wind suction device to classifier the powders;
  • S-ICM wind power classifier is generated by a belt conveyor; ICM classifier is by motor;
  • S-ICM has double transmissions whereas ICM only has one;
  • S-ICM discharges the materials from the top of wind classifier; ICM discharges vertically;
  • It is applied in food, pigment, chemical, cosmetics, mineral industries.

S-ICM 3D image

Patented S-Type Impact Classifier Mill (S-ICM) powder processing equipment is specialized in dry powder classifying. The optimal multiple responses grinding design, fine powders can be cleanly classified, stable temperature control, high speed operation, manufactured in stainless steel and special type of blades to ensure the grinding process is safe, clean, efficient and high quality. The air classifier is suitable for various industries including pharmaceutical industry, consumer goods, chemical industry, food industry, etc. In addition, custom Engineering and turnkey system design are available.

AniseCorianderUreaPesticideSaltStarchEgg Shell
CloveCinnamonSodaDetergentRiceBeansAgar Agar
CurryCardamomPEEKZinc OxideShellCoffeeChinese Herbs
Cumin PowderBlowing AgentFlourGelatinWheat Powder
Pepper CoatingPharmaceuticalMSGChitosan 
Licorice Pigment SugarCharcoal 

Impact classified mill

ICM-410 & ICM-520 turnkey project
ICM-410 and ICM-520

ICM-410 for CPC Corporation, Taiwan. (CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC) is the foremost energy enterprise in the Republic of China.)
Impact classifying mill ICM-520 turnkey project for high density fine materials.

SICM-640 turnkey project

SICM-640 turnkey project

ICM-640 turnkey project

ICM-640 turnkey project

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