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Nestlé 3-In-1 Coffee Ribbon Mixer Turnkey Project Supplier From Taiwan

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Nestlé 3-in-1 coffee, Nestlé MILO ribbon mixer supplier from Taiwan – Mill Powder Tech

industry rotary cone mixer turnkey system

Industry rotary cone mixer turnkey system

Nestlé S.A. is a Swiss multinational food and beverage company headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. It is the largest food company in the world measured by revenue. In 2007, they came to Taiwan intending to find a qualified supplier making Nestlé beverages, namely, Nescafé Coffee and Nestlé MILO. Besides having their own World Standard processing equipment testing and production procedure systems, Nescafé also requested meeting GMP certification and custom-made mixing turnkey system.

Three years later after negotiation, commissioning to the extra purchasing, Mill Powder Tech (MPT) delivered state of the art powder processing equipment with high production capability. When you walk into the plant, you can see a large production system with six ribbon mixer (mixing blender) processing lines - three for Nescafé Coffee and another three for Nescafé MILO, packing in highly intense speed. The whole industrial blender turnkey project was rigorous, but MPT pulled it through with their seasoned powder handling processing equipment building experience.

Horizontal mixers: RM-300 & RM-500

MPT's Ribbon mixers, RM-300 and RM-500

In Nestlé's custom built processing plant, horizontal mixers (RM-300 & RM-500) are used for the 3-in-1 coffee and MILO powder mixing process. They are a total six powder handling processing equipment lines; they are GMP certified patented (patent # I311923), meet Nestlé International Processing and Production objectives and – is the only one in Taiwan.

Ribbon Mixer can handle a maximum batch volume of 4,800 litres (2,000 kg) of product with rotation speed between 18-36 RPM. It is designed to meet high-speed dry powder mixing efficiency. Ribbon mixer's shaft seal and bearing are specifically designed to reduce rolling friction which allowed long-term usage. Agitator ribbon assures pure additive blends by performing mixing operations. Both inner and outer sides of the ribbon mixer are polished and easy-to-clean.

RM-500 double ribbon agitators inner construction

    Horizontal mixer & vertical mixer advantages:
  • Steel thickness of outer shell, blade and cover is two times thicker than others.
  • Double spiral ribbon blade makes higher mixing speed than others.
  • Teflon seal can avoid powder leak. split assembly can separate powder from machine grease.
  • Mixing blade with "S" type design.
  • Fast rotation speed.
  • Sanitary design.
  • Vacuum construction.

MPT's Ribbon mixers are used for hundreds of applications in foods, chemicals, fertilizers, plastics, pigments, cosmetics, etc.

Industrial rotary mixer and double cone mixer

MPT also supplies two other types of industrial mixers for various purposes - Industrial Rotary Mixer and Double Cone Mixer, also known as containing rotary industrial blender and double cone blender.

Industrial cone blender is applicable for mixing particles such as drugs that are made of various components with versatile gravities. For RC-3000, its production capacity is 50 to 3,000 kg and 120 to 7,000 liters.

Because of the conical shaped blender and the separated motors (outer barrel and inner blades), cone mixer is able to spin at an angle of 0 to 360 degrees with 4-way mixing action. Overall, it is an optimal mixer for products of high viscosity and density.

rotary cone mixer, RC series

Potary cone mixer (industrial rotary mixer) RC series

MPT's Industrial cone blender has a stainless steel polished finish and complies with GMP standards

Double cone mixer, DC-50 and DC-100, is an economical blender that is used to combine multiple small batch materials including food preparations, cosmetic manufacturing, resin powder additions, 3-in-1 coffees, herbal medicines, plastics, vitamins and minerals etc. It is an efficient and adaptable blender for mixing dry powder and granules homogeneously.

double cone mixer, DC-50, DC-100

Double cone mixer

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