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Ribbon Mixer Equipment

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Ribbon Mixer (RM Series)

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Ribbon Mixer Equipment / RM Series
Ribbon Mixer Equipment / RM Series

Ribbon Mixer is designed with Twin mixing Ribbon. During mixing, twin ribbon can mix powder in convective direction, inner and outer, up and down to even powder in short time. "Air leakproof device" is patent design to prevent powder pollution. According to particular powder, Heating system, Liquid Spraying system and High speed chopper can be installed in mixer to solve the special mixing requirement.

  • Mixing blade is two spiral "S" type design.
  • Excellent and high speed mixing efficiency.
  • Powder won't be raised mixing operation.
  • Complete and through of raw materials by ribbon agitator which create two layers and counter movement of flows.


Warm keeping,Cool keeping and Liquid spraying equipment are optional.

Double Ribbon Agitators Inner Construction
Double Ribbon Agitators Inner Construction


Material: Steel thickness of outer shell, blade and cover is two times of others. The durability is over 20 years.

Speed: Double spiral ribbon blade makes higher mixing speed than others.

Bearing: Teflon seal can avoid powder leak. Split assembly can separate power from machine grease.

Convenient: Single side assemble makes maintenance easier.

Output: Power discharge via “butterfly valve”. Rigid seal will avoid powder leak. Liquid mixing & washing are applicable.

Independent control panel: Let cleaning safety.


►Inner Mixing Blade ►Inner Mixing Blade With Scraper ►With Oil Spraying Device


Model Volume
(L*W*H mm)
RM-100 100/260 2 2210*600*1450
RM-200 200/500 3 2310*710*1660
RM-300 300/700 5 2310*900*1750
RM-500 500/1200 7 1/2 2790*960*1830
RM-1000 1000/2400 15 3420*1220*2150
RM-2000 2000/4800 25 3900*1350*2450
RM-3000 3000/6500 40 3700*1850*2803
Height from floor to outlet: 450 mm

According to different characteristics of materials and equipment, the data would be changed.

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